LePure Biotech acquired GeShi Fluid for builting a leading position in the filtration business

January 2023

LePure Biotech, China’s leading provider of bioprocess single-use technology and solutions, announced the completion of 100% acquisition of GeShi Fluid at a price of over 100 million RMB.

After this acquisition, the new filtration business division will become a key business segment of LePure Biotech, which may contribute 10% – 15% of business performance in the future and provide more diversified and comprehensive filtration products and solutions for biopharmaceutical clients, thus further strengthening its leading position of consumable supplier.

GeShi Fluid has been established for more than 20 years, focusing on the R&D of filtration and purification technology, as well as filter production. It has developed a complete quality and validation system, with high and stable product quality, GeShi Fluid is one of the few domestic filter manufacturers that can meet the biopharmaceutical product standards and validation requirements. GeShi Fluid has an annual product capacity of over one million filters, and LePure Biotech has an annual output of about 100,000 filters, after the acquisition, LePure Biotech can deploy the self-developed membrane to millions of self-produced filters, thus reducing the cost.

“99% of the clients of GeShi Fluid are pharmaceutical companies, we can reach an agreement on the requirements of strict quality control. In filter business, LePure Biotech’s strong scientific research capabilities and GeShi Fluid’s great production process and quality control can generate complementary advantages, and create popular products, which will be widely recognized and accepted by pharmaceutical customers.” Said by Frank Wang, co-founder and CEO of LePure Biotech.

“LePure Biotech is a highly professional bioprocess single-use consumables and equipment enterprise with a global vision. We believe that under the leadership of LePure Biotech, a new GeShi Fluid will achieve sustainable development in talent construction, product innovation, and market expansion.” Said by Weiwei Zhang Weiwei, the founder of GeShi Fluid.

LePure Biotech Exhibited Again in Interphex 2022

LePure Biotech exhibited once again in Interphex 2022INTERPHEX brought the pharmaceutical manufacturing and biotech industries together at the 2022 show, taking place May 24 – 26 at the Javits Center. With its second event in seven months—the 2022 edition brought an increase in networking events, show floor programs, customer engagement and technical conference sessions.

Shanghai LePure Biotech exhibited among nearly 400 global suppliers. Several strategically released new products attracted wide attentions from industry professionals and visitors, especially LeKrius™ single-use bioprocess film and bags. The proprietary formulation ensures a fully controlled supply chain and excellent product performance.

During the exhibition, Dr. Jim Ding, Chief Scientific Officer of LePure Biotech and President of LePure US Branch (LePure Biotech LLC), delivered a keynote speech sharing in-depth technical information on LeKrius™ biopharmaceutical process film. Key benefits offered by LeKrius™ film include excellent bio safety (Safe), physical properties (Robustness) and stable quality and supply (Sustainability).
LePure Biotech was established in 2011. It pioneered localization of single-use solutions for biopharmaceutical industry in China.  LePure has comprehensive capabilities in R&D, manufacturing, and commercial operation.  

For 40+ years, INTERPHEX has proven to be the place to find all of the State-of-the-Art Solutions you need to Cost Effectively Develop and Manufacture Quality Product. INTERPHEX is the premier pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and device development and manufacturing event to “Experience Science through Commercialization.” Based in New York, INTERPHEX brings over 10,000 global industry professionals and 625+ leading suppliers together to “Learn It, Experience It, Procure It” through a combination of no cost technical conference, exhibits, demonstrations and networking events to leverage quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness in today’s global market.

LePure Biotech has obtained the US FDA DMF filing number

A Drug Master File (DMF) is a document that is independently submitted to FDA by the manufacturer, containing information on the production, process control, raw materials, applicability, quality control and the like of the product. There are five types of DMFs, of which Type III involves the packaging material – container. The US DMF file library is a widely referenced supplier repository for pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide, and the completion of DMF filing provides following advantages: – Companies that have obtained filing numbers and their products will be displayed on the FDA website, allowing them to build partnership with more pharmaceutical manufacturers; – Companies holding the DMF filing numbers granted by FDA can be given priority by pharmaceutical manufacturers in the competition with other companies, thereby gaining a competitive advantage; – FDA may update information at any time as required by the filed companies; – The risk of leakage of company’s confidential technology as a result of providing information to numerous pharmaceutical customers can be reduced; In particular, for a pharmaceutical manufacturer who submits a registration application to FDA, the DMF filing number can be directly referenced in the relevant section of the dossier, which simplifies the application. So far, the single-use bags corresponding to LeKrius®, LeRybow® and LeRugia® of LePure Biotech have completed the DMF filing and been granted DMF filing numbers. LePure Biotech is constantly exploring the international market and is committed to becoming a trusted partner of global biopharmaceutical companies.

LePure Biotech Exhibited in COPHEX 2022

COPHEX 2022 was concluded at the Kyungyon Exhibition in South Korea on Jun 14th-Jun 17th. LePure Biotech exhibited serveral key products, such as LeKrius™ single-use bioprocess film and bags, LePurseal™ automatic aseptic sealer and Le-Flex TPE-Tubing, which attracted wide attentions from industry professionals and visitors.

LePure Biotech was recognized as one of the TOP 50 Healthcare Enterprises

LePure Biotech was recognized as one of the TOP 50 Healthcare Enterprises with Investment Values of Legend Captical. We are encouraged by the recognition of our investment performance in the healthcare industry.

Legend Capital was recognized as one of the TOP 30 Healthcare Investment Institutions and one of the TOP 15 Medical Device and Diagnosis Investment Institutions of the year 2021. We are delighted to share that Legend Capital and 19 of its portfolio companies were included in the 2021 China Healthcare Industry Investment and Financing Honor List, which was jointly issued by CHC (China Healthcare Consulting) and CITIC(China International Trust and Investment Corporation) Securities on May 26, 2022 and is an authoritative list in the medical and health field.

LePure Biotech was established in 2011. It pioneered localization of single-use solutions for biopharmaceutical industry in China. LePure has comprehensive capabilities in R&D, manufacturing, and commercial operation.

In April 2001, Legend Capital was established as a fund manager under Legend Holdings, focusing on the early-stage VC and growth-stage PE investment. Since its establishment, Legend Capital has been adhereing to internationally accepted standards to create best practices in fund management and operation. With a proven track record of more than 20 years, it now has full experience in fund management and operation and has built an extensive partner ecosystem across the entire investment chain. Legend Capital goes the extra mile in delivering proactive value-added services to help portfolio companies drive innovations. We are committed to promoting China’s industrial progress and social development, while securing high returns across various fields.

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