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LePure Biotech is dedicated to the development and provision of single-use process technology products and solutions, boasting multiple patents in the field of single-use products for biopharmaceutical processes. Our innovative technologies find comprehensive applications across upstream cell cultivation, downstream separation and purification, and final drug formulation and filling, spanning the entire lifecycle of biopharmaceuticals, from research and development to pilot testing and commercial production.

Driven by technological innovation, LePure Biotech leads the rapid localization of single-use process technology, seamlessly connecting the upstream and downstream industry chains, and empowering the entire sector. As of the end of June 2022, LePure Biotech has served over 600 biopharmaceutical companies in China and exported products to countries such as the USA, Singapore, South Korea, Germany, and more.

While rooted in China, we are dedicated to serving the global market. Discover the transformative potential of LePure Biotech’s cutting-edge solutions by exploring our innovative product range, designed to elevate your biopharmaceutical processes.

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