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Pioneering the Filtration Revolution in Biopharmaceuticals

Filtration solutions play a critical role across diverse stages of the biopharmaceutical industry. Leveraging over 30 years of unwavering focus in the filtration domain, LePure Biotech boasts a comprehensive industrial chain encompassing filter membrane development, filter core production, filter equipment manufacturing, and meticulous testing and verification analysis.

With our extensive expertise in filtration separation technology, we offer tailored filtration products and solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you require solutions for upstream cell cultivation, downstream separation and purification, or terminal formulation filling, we stand ready to assist you in confidently overcoming various filtration challenges. Our aim is to empower you to execute your process production with heightened efficiency, reduced time costs, and uncompromised safety standards.

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Elevate Your Performance with Our Elite Filters

LeClafine Depth Filters

Boasting high throughput, rapid flow rates, ample capacity, and exceptional protein recovery, LeClafine deep filters feature a versatile range of precision combinations. These filters are tailored to accommodate diverse requirements, seamlessly transitioning from research and development to commercial production stages.

In addition to ensuring remarkable recovery rates, LeClafine deep filters effectively minimize turbidity, alleviating the workload on downstream purification processes.

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LeSiever Capsule Filters 

The LeSiever series presents a lineup of tailored filtration products available in a spectrum of materials, pore sizes, and dimensions. With our dedicated team of professionals at your service, we’re poised to identify the optimal filtration solution to match your specific requirements.

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Filter Integrity Test (FIT) Tester

The GS-842, our cutting-edge full-featured Filter Integrity Testing (FIT) tester, representing the pinnacle of innovation in its class.

Building upon the esteemed legacy of its predecessors, the GS-842 excels in delivering convenient and precise testing capabilities. What sets it apart are the latest enhancements, including automatic airflow adjustment, comprehensive audit tracking, and a sophisticated four-level user management system.

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