Empowering Fluid Safety:

Reliable Connection and Disconnection

As the use of disposable system solutions continues to rise in the biopharmaceutical industry, the demand for reliable fluid components for connecting and disconnecting is also increasing to ensure the safety of liquids.

LePure Biotech provides a complete set of connection/disconnection technology products that match process requirements, helping end-users simplify operations and protect fluids. A well-documented system and robust validation services can assist you in the safer application of related products.

LePure Biotech’s comprehensive fluid management solutions also provide reliable, economical, and safe mature transmission solutions to efficiently protect your process fluids.

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Products Overview 

The Choice of “Heartfelt” Sealing

LePurseal Automatic Aseptic Sealer II

LePurseal Automatic Aseptic Sealer II is independently developed by LePure Biotechnology, which is an aseptic heat sealing machine that can be used for thermoplastic tubes (TPE tubes) and thermoplastic pump tubes. It meets the aseptic disconnection of thermoplastic tubes and can maintain product sterility even in non-sterile environments, effectively maintaining a closed system.

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Aseptic Disconnector

LePure Biotech’s Aseptic Disconnector uses a physical compression and physical disconnection process to physically disconnect the metal ring on the pipeline. It can quickly and safely achieve aseptic disconnection of the pipeline. Extensive testing has shown that aseptic disconnecting pliers and metal disconnecting rings are highly suitable for most applications in biopharmaceuticals, vaccines, cell and gene therapy, and other production scenarios.

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Wall Pass-through System

The LePurport single-use cleanroom wall penetration system is mainly suitable for online operation transfer in different cleanrooms. It can achieve aseptic transfer of single or multiple fluid streams at both ends of the channel through a single stainless steel material channel. It can integrate multiple disposable components that do not require cleaning validation, thereby assisting in cost control.

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