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Simpler and More Stable, Creating ‘Superior’ Cell Culture Experience

LePhinix EZG Benchtop Bioreactor, designed for your research and development efficiency, suitable for high-throughput parameter exploration and process optimization, as well as parallel screening of experimental parameters. Thanks to its advanced control system, the vessel can react quickly with different application combinations, offering more flexibility, ease of operation, and a low space footprint, making it the right choice for cost reduction and increased efficiency.

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Features & Benefits

Pre-configured in advance, more straightforward and stable

  • Pre-configured in advance for stability and simplicity
  • Equipped with advanced control systems, providing multi-parallel control and intelligent process management with data analysis capabilities for convenient and stable operation
  • Compliance with 21CFR Part 11, GAMP5, and cGMP requirements

Meets the requirement to provide flexible solutions

  • Pre-loaded tank body pressure testing, eliminating the need for additional integrity testing equipment.
  • High flexibility with an open development platform and a filling function module to cater to personalized customization requirements.
  • Configurations can be adjusted and modified based on actual demands

 Equipped with a comprehensive component configuration

  • Utilizes the Siemens WinCC platform, customized for local user preferences, offering a user-friendly interface, easy controls, and straightforward operation.
  • Meets the fundamental needs of cell cultivation and microbiological fermentation processes

Multiple specifications, standard tank body

  • Based on an excellent design concept and according to the practical needs of users and experiments, functional and structural design can better help experimenters complete experiments.
  • Available in 2L/5L/10L different specifications to choose from, standard tank cover and connectors can meet the customization needs of different experiments. All components in contact with the liquid inside the tank are made of high-quality 316L stainless steel, with a mirror-polished surface and electrochemical polishing treatment, more corrosion-resistant, more suitable for cell culture

Models & Specification

ItemsLePhinix EZG Benchtop BioreactorLePhinix EZG Pro Benchtop Bioreactor
Mixing SystemInternal mechanical stirring / intelligent servo brushless motorInternal mechanical stirring / intelligent servo brushless motor
SensorsPt100, class A, 0 ‒ 60 °C, dedicated cablePt100, class A, 0 ‒ 60 °C, dedicated cable
Gas Control1 rotameter, up to 4 mass flow meters (MFC)Most Mass Flowmeter (MFC)
Peristaltic Pump Quantity4 adjustable speed pumps4 speed-regulating pumps, which can be externally connected to 2 independent peristaltic pumps
Control SystemHMI 10"touch screen23 " all-in-one PC

Case Study

Experiment Purpose

To test the expression of monoclonal antibodies in CHO cells concurrently with LePhinix EZG Pro Twins

Experiment Results

Thet data illustrates that LePhinix EZG Pro Twins cultivation demonstrated outstanding performance in terms of cell density, viability, and yield, showcasing a high degree of parallelism.


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