Empowering Cell Growth:

To Create A New Aesthetic for Cell Cultivation Together

The culture medium is the foundation of cell cultivation, providing nutrients for the healthy and rapid growth of cells. The application of different culture media can affect cell vitality and performance. According to GMP standards, our production of industrial-grade serum-free, chemically defined culture medium formulations is mature and stable, with flagship products including:

  • QuaCell CellBest series
  • QuaCell CHO CD series for suspension culture
  • Wayne293 Instant Transfection Media series
  • QuaMono Plus CHO monoclonal culture medium, and more

LePure Biotech’s comprehensive cell culture solutions also include microcarriers, bioreactors and others, striving to provide you with a complete one-stop cell culture solution to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

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Overview of Medium & Buffer Series

Choose The Right Medium & Buffer for Your Bioprocess

QuaCell® CellBest Basal Medium & 007 Feed Medium

Through statistical analysis software such as DoE, we have optimized culture medium formulations, culture medium preparation, quality standards, cell line adaptability, yield, and quality parameters. We have introduced serum-free, animal component-free, chemically defined culture media and supplements to meet the requirements for high yield and broad applicability.

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CHO Cell Culture Medium 

Based on the applications of CHO cells, we closely follow regulatory requirements to enhance productivity to the maximum extent, thus strengthening upstream processes. We have independently developed a series of serum-free, animal component-free, and chemically defined culture media with advantages such as high expression levels, high viability, and broad applicability, compatible with all mainstream culture systems.

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HEK 293 Cell Culture Medium

Human embryonic kidney (HEK) 293 cells and their derived cell lines are important tools for researching and expressing exogenous genes. Based on their application characteristics, we have independently developed the HEK293 Cell Culture Medium Series to meet the requirements for better cell expansion, transient transfection, and high-titer virus vector production.

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Adherent cells require specific surfaces for efficient growth, LePure Biotech has independently developed the LeProlif Microcarrier Series, offering both sheet and spherical types to help you efficiently increase the number of cultured cells and harvest secreted products.

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Auxiliary Reagents

The cell culture technology team, with years of cell culture experience, offers a range of peripheral auxiliary products to meet the needs of biopharmaceutical research and biological science researchers, focusing on suspension cell culture and classic cell culture.

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Quality System for Production

Based on product quality risk management, we establish a quality system that complies with NMPA, ICH, FDA, EU regulations, and guidelines to meet the requirements of the entire drug life cycle management, ensuring regulatory compliance for product registration applications. Currently, we have over 500 effective quality documents and continuously improve 600+ records or templates.

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