LePure Biotech acquired GeShi Fluid for builting a leading position in the filtration business

January 2023

LePure Biotech, China’s leading provider of bioprocess single-use technology and solutions, announced the completion of 100% acquisition of GeShi Fluid at a price of over 100 million RMB.

After this acquisition, the new filtration business division will become a key business segment of LePure Biotech, which may contribute 10% – 15% of business performance in the future and provide more diversified and comprehensive filtration products and solutions for biopharmaceutical clients, thus further strengthening its leading position of consumable supplier.

GeShi Fluid has been established for more than 20 years, focusing on the R&D of filtration and purification technology, as well as filter production. It has developed a complete quality and validation system, with high and stable product quality, GeShi Fluid is one of the few domestic filter manufacturers that can meet the biopharmaceutical product standards and validation requirements. GeShi Fluid has an annual product capacity of over one million filters, and LePure Biotech has an annual output of about 100,000 filters, after the acquisition, LePure Biotech can deploy the self-developed membrane to millions of self-produced filters, thus reducing the cost.

“99% of the clients of GeShi Fluid are pharmaceutical companies, we can reach an agreement on the requirements of strict quality control. In filter business, LePure Biotech’s strong scientific research capabilities and GeShi Fluid’s great production process and quality control can generate complementary advantages, and create popular products, which will be widely recognized and accepted by pharmaceutical customers.” Said by Frank Wang, co-founder and CEO of LePure Biotech.

“LePure Biotech is a highly professional bioprocess single-use consumables and equipment enterprise with a global vision. We believe that under the leadership of LePure Biotech, a new GeShi Fluid will achieve sustainable development in talent construction, product innovation, and market expansion.” Said by Weiwei Zhang Weiwei, the founder of GeShi Fluid.

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