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A Decade of Dedication and Innovation in mAbs

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), esteemed for their high specificity, low side effects, and simplified purification processes, have rapidly evolved into a crucial component of the biomedical field. Against this backdrop of flourishing development, LePure Biotech is committed to delivering superior solutions, emphasizing its outstanding role in the monoclonal antibody domain. This dedication addresses the continuous pursuit of quality and efficiency by customers throughout the process from process development to formulation filling.

LePure Biotech has a long-standing focus on research and development, leveraging decades of accumulated experience to offer a comprehensive monoclonal antibody process solution. This encompasses the development and cultivation of cell lines, optimization of culture media, filtration purification, formulation filling, and related products. Moreover, the company continues to expand its product line, aiming to further optimize the entire process, providing customers with comprehensive and exceptional support.

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mAbs Process

Upstream Process

LePure Biotech can provide a variety of products and biotechnology services related to cell line construction, media screening, and laboratory-scale process development involved in the early stages of monoclonal antibody applications in research and development.


Pilot Scale & Commercial Process

LePure Biotech possesses large-scale clean production workshops of Class 10,000 and above, C+A level clean factories, and assembly workshops for single-use system. These facilities are capable of meeting various scenarios for the pilot and commercial production of monoclonal antibodies.

Your ideal partner for monoclonal antibody production

Our  global team of application and product experts is dedicated to going the extra mile, working hand in hand to create more value for our customers. We have multiple production bases distributed globally and you can find us in these place:

  • Production plants in Shanghai, Tianjin, Suzhou, and the South China Bay Area, China
  • R&D center in Boston, USA 
  • Dedicated business office in Korea
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