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Our unwavering dedication lies in delivering top-notch, groundbreaking single-use bioprocess solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry, setting new standards in quality and innovation. With multiple state-of-the-art production plants and vertically integrated process staring from film production, we possess a unique advantage that sets us apart.

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*Noted: the products showcased are available for purchase exclusively in Mainland China.

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Liquid Storage & Transport Equipment

In response to the diverse transportation and storage requirements of different applications, LePure Biotech offers the Z-TRANS series of liquid storage and transport equipment. These are compatible with various liquid bag designs and can be paired with different transfer tools for flexible and efficient transport.

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Mixing & Dispensing Systems 

Explore the LeMagmixer, our single-use magnetic stirring system. It is known for its cost-effectiveness and technical excellence, offering flexibility, stability, and durability. When used in conjunction with LeKrius mixing bags, it allows for efficient liquid-liquid and solid-liquid mixing, catering to volumes ranging from 50L to 3000L, making it the ideal choice for long-term commercial use.

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Filling Solutions

Our LeFilling raw liquid dispensing system series is purpose-built to meet GMP requirements. Featuring a modular design and a compact appearance, this system is capable of dispensing multiple solutions, varying from 5mL to 50L. It incorporates advanced filtration techniques to ensure precise dispensing into disposable liquid containers, reducing dead volume within the tubing to a minimum.

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