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Flexibility First, Continuous Progress

In recent years, with the continuous development of processes such as antibodies, vaccines, cell gene therapy, and other applications, the demand for cell culture has been steadily increasing. There is a growing need for traceable, safe, economically viable, and scalable products.

For over a decade, LePure Biotech has always been driven by technological innovation. Since the launch of the first LePhinix Single-use Bioreactor in 2021, our existing bioreactor product series covers various aspects from cell line and cell strain development to commercial manufacturing, meeting your ever-changing cell culture needs.

Thanks to our independently developed LeKrius Bioprocess Membrane, we can ensure various advantages such as cell growth characteristics, high versatility, and meet the application requirements of the entire process flow. LePure Biotech’s comprehensive cell culture solutions also include cell lines, culture media, microcarriers, and more, striving to provide you with a complete one-stop cell culture solution to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

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Choose the Right Bioreactor for Your Process

LePhinix CCS Rocking Bioreactor

Lephinix CCS Rocking Bioreactor developed and produced by LePure Biotech is designed to simplify scale-up production and is widely used in cell therapy, antibody drugs and vaccine production processes.

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LePhinix EZG Benchtop Bioreactor

Specially designed for your research efficiency, EZG Benchtop Bioreactor is suitable for high-throughput parameter exploration and process optimization, and suitable for parallel screening of experimental parameters.

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Professional Technical Team

Due to the complexity and diversity of upstream process applications, LePure Biotech’s experienced technical support team can provide professional support and services for various aspects of disposable bioreactors, both pre-sales and post-sales. They can also offer solutions for upstream process development, transfer, validation, changes, and regulatory consultations based on different process requirements.

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