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Streamlined Fluid Transfer in Closed and Aseptic Environment

Single-use tubing and assemblies play a pivotal role in facilitating seamless fluid transfer within aseptic environments, serving as essential links between single-use and mixing systems, as well as cleanrooms or isolators. Their significance extends across a diverse range of bioprocesses, encompassing antibodies, vaccines, cell and gene therapies, and beyond.

With over a decade of invaluable expertise, LePure Biotech leads the industry in manufacturing single-use tubing and assembly products, complemented by an extensive array of components, connectors, and a library featuring over 1,000 options. Engineered to deliver reliable, cost-effective, and secure transfer solutions tailored precisely to your unique process requirements, our products seamlessly integrate with bioreactors, liquid storage and distribution systems, and other production equipment, ensuring the seamless preservation of your process fluids.

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Overview of Single-use Tubing and Assemblies Products

LeBrider Is Adapting to All Your Needs

LeBrider Single-use Tubing Assemblies

Drawing upon LePure Biotech’s extensive expertise in single-use fluid management system design, LeBrider Single-use Tubing Assemblies provide users with a cost-effective solution, offering tailored product combinations to meet specific requirements.

This approach ensures a customized “end-to-end process connectivity” solution, where all tubing assemblies undergo rigorous 100% leak checks before leaving the factory, alongside regular RNase and DNase testing.

Features include:

  • A comprehensive component library
  • Exceptional flexibility
  • Integration within an efficient supply chain
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Le-Flex TPE Thermoplastic Tubing

At LePure Biotech, we pride ourselves on the independent development and manufacturing of Le-Flex TPE thermoplastic tubing, renowned for its cost-effectiveness and superior quality.

Our commitment to excellence is evident through stringent adherence to ISO 9001:2005 and ISO 13485:2016 quality management systems. We meticulously select medical-grade raw materials, employ in-house formulation, and utilize proprietary molding processes to ensure full compliance with industry safety and regulatory standards.

Le-Flex tubing is distinguished by its ultra-low levels of extractables and particulate content, rendering it capable of withstanding gamma irradiation and high-pressure steam sterilization with ease.


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Efficient Delivery

Backed by a robust technical support platform, LePure Biotech boasts a team of over 50 highly skilled personnel renowned for their extensive experience and exceptional design capabilities. From in-house production to collaborative projects, our team ensures efficient and timely delivery across multiple channels and integrated solutions.

With ample inventory and meticulous material management, we guarantee sufficient production capacity to meet your needs seamlessly.

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