Legal Statement and Privacy Policy

Welcome to visit the website of Shanghai Lepure Biotech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ” LePure ” or “we”). If you register to use this website and/or check “Agree”, it will be deemed that you accept and agree to abide by the following terms:

Part I Legal Statement

1. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Any and all information or data, its use and application for inclusion in this website and any and all actions, toleration or failure to act relating to this website shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the People’s Republic of China, and you agree to be under the jurisdiction of the courts of the People’s Republic of China. The place of venue and exclusive jurisdiction shall be the legal domicile of LePure.

2. Intellectual property protection

The trademarks contained in the website are owned by LePure. The built-in trademarks are protected by copyright, trademark and other laws for protection of intellectual property, and may not be copied, imitated, used without authorization.

The copyright of the website belongs to LePure, and all the designs, texts or patterns in the website may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted, distributed, or even modified in any form by anyone without the prior written consent of the relevant right holder.

The website will provide accurate and timely information and content as far as possible, but does not guarantee absolute accuracy. Therefore, to the extent permitted by law, the website gives no warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy and timeliness of the information.

The website is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, or causal damages resulting from your access or use, use your software and equipment with care. In addition, the website is not responsible for the content of external links set up for your convenience. LePure reserves the right to modify the content of the website accordingly and to update the website in due course without prior notice to the users of the website.

3. The use of third-party links

Website may retain links to third-party sites or Websites, and users’ access to these links is determined by users themselves. The website does not provide any promise or guarantee on the accuracy, completeness, sufficiency and reliability of any information, data, opinions, picture statements or suggestions provided on these links. The website has no right to review any third-party websites, does not guarantee these websites and their contents, and does not take any responsibility. If you decide to visit any third-party website linked to this site, the possible results and risks will be borne by the users themselves.

4. Responsibility

The website prohibits you from transmitting and distributing information and speech with slander, defamation, disinformation, pornography and other illegal or immoral materials, and the website has the right to manage and supervise this, but does not assume any responsibility for this.

Users should properly keep their user names and passwords on the website. All operations performed by using the user names and passwords to log in to the website will be regarded as your own actions, and the legal risks and responsibilities will be borne by the users themselves. The website can’t identify whether the user is a minor or not, so if a minor uses the website, the website will be deemed to have obtained the approval or ratification of its use by its legal agent or guardian, and any relevant legal responsibilities will be borne by the user.

5. Exemption clause

Regardless of the circumstances, the website is not responsible for any failure or delay in service due to information network maintenance, information network connection failure, failure of intelligent terminals, communication or other systems, power failure, strikes, labor disputes, riots, disturbances, fires, floods, storms, wars, governmental acts, orders of judicial and administrative organs, other force majeure or inaction of third parties.

6. Sales region disclaimer

Even there are various kinds of LePure’s products listed in this website, the products listed may not be allowed to sell in some specific regions or countries. Please contact us to confirm whether we could sell or not in the area you request. We make no guarantee that we could sell all listed products to you.


Part II Privacy Policy

The website privacy protection statement is the website’s policy to protect users’ personal privacy. In view of the particularity of the network, the website will inevitably have a direct or indirect interactive relationship with you. Therefore, we hereby explain the policies adopted by the website on the collection, use and protection of users’ personal information. Please read them carefully:

1. How does the website collect and use your personal information?

Personal information refers to all kinds of information related to identified or identifiable natural persons recorded electronically or by other means, excluding anonymized information. Such data will be submitted directly to us by you when you use our website or service, and when you interact with us, for example, when you create a website account or contact us for support; Or we get it by recording your interaction with our software or services. The data we collect depends on the way you interact with the website, including the websites you visit or the services you use, etc., which may involve your name, business name, position, address, industry, purchasing demand, the kind of disposable products you use, e-mail, telephone number, login information (account number and password), etc. We also collect the information you provide to us and the content of the messages you send us, such as the inquiry information you enter or the questions or information you provide in order to get customer service support. You may need to provide your personal information when using the website or service. In some cases, you may choose not to provide personal information to the website, but if you choose not to provide it, the website may not be able to provide you with relevant services, and it may not be able to respond to or solve the problems you meet.

We may use your personal information for the following purposes:

(1) Create an account.

(2) Fulfill your transaction or service request, including fulfilling the order; Deliver, activate or verify products or services; Make changes at your request or provide the information you requested; Provide technical support.

(3) Contact you with your consent; Send you information about products and services that may be of interest to you; Invite you to participate in the website market survey or satisfaction survey; Or send you a prompt message. If you don’t want to receive such information, you can choose to unsubscribe at any time.

(4) Send you important notifications, such as notifications of updates and installations of operating systems or applications.

(5) Provide you with personalized user experience and personalized service.

(6) Authenticate and manage suppliers and business partners, and communicate or conduct business with suppliers and business partners.

(7) Carry out internal audit, data analysis and research to improve our products and services.

(8) Analyze business operation efficiency and measure market share.

(9) In order to provide accurate services, we will make statistics and analysis of the collected questionnaire survey contents, and present the statistical data or explanatory text of the analysis results. Except for internal research, we will publish the statistical data and explanatory text as necessary, but it does not involve the information of specific individuals.

(10) Comply with and implement applicable legal requirements, relevant industry standards or our internal policies.

The website may also collect and use non-identifying data. Non-identifiable data refers to data that cannot be used to identify individuals. For example, a website collects aggregated statistics, such as visits or usage. The purpose is to understand how users use their own websites and services. In this way, the website can improve its service and better meet your needs. The website may collect, use, process, transfer or disclose non-identifying data for other purposes at its own discretion. We will try our best to isolate your personal information and non-identifiable data and use them separately. If personal information is mixed with non-identifiable data, it will still be treated as personal information.

When the website processes your personal information, we will comply with the requirements of applicable laws and deal with it on an appropriate legal basis, including:

(1) Processing your personal information for the performance of the contract when responding to your transaction or service request;

(2) Processing your personal information based on your consent;

(3) When contacting you, conducting market research, and processing your personal information for the purpose of improving our products and services, and implementing and improving our loss prevention and fraud prevention plans, we will do so based on our legitimate interests or those of third parties. These legitimate interests include enabling us to manage and operate our business more effectively and provide our products and services; Protect the safety of our business, systems, products, services and customers; Internal management, following internal policies and procedures; Other legitimate interests described in this policy, etc.;

(4) We may also process your personal information based on compliance and enforcement of legal obligations.

This website does not collect sensitive personal information of users (including biometric identification, religious beliefs, specific identity, medical and health information, financial accounts, whereabouts and other information, as well as personal information of minors under the age of fourteen), which is requested to be known to you.

2. How does the website protect, store and process your personal information?

(1) We will store and protect your personal information in accordance with the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China. You hereby agree that LePure will store, use, transfer and reasonably disclose your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy on the basis of following the relevant laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China.

(2) Unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, we will keep your information as follows: During your use of our service, we will keep your personal information for the longest time permitted by law according to business needs, unless you cancel authorization, delete these information or cancel your account; When you cancel your authorization, delete your personal information or cancel your account, we will delete your personal information according to the law, or anonymize it as permitted by law.

3. How does the website disclose your personal information?

When required by applicable laws or in response to legal procedures, the website may disclose your personal information to relevant law enforcement agencies or other government agencies. In some jurisdictions, if LePure is involved in reorganization or merger, your personal information may also be disclosed to the counterparty. The website will also disclose your data when there is a reasonable need, for example, for the execution of a contract and we think it is necessary and appropriate to disclose it in order to prevent physical damage or property loss or investigate possible or actual illegal behavior.

4. Change of personal information

Users should ensure that all personal information submitted is accurate. We will try our best to maintain the accuracy and completeness of personal information and update these data in time. If the user’s information changes for personal reasons, such as changing the password, the user can change the registration information by himself through the website, and the website will update and protect the user’s modified personal information.

5. Your rights

(1) Users have the right to know, decide, consult, copy, correct, supplement and delete their personal information. We will cooperate and guarantee your exercise of the aforementioned rights.

(2) Users have the right to restrict or refuse the website to collect their personal information, and have the right to request the website to delete the collected personal information.


Part III General Policies

1. Changes of legal statement and privacy policy

LePure reserves the right to revise this legal statement and privacy policy at any time according to laws and regulations. Once the revised legal statement and privacy policy are published on the website, they will effectively replace the original legal statement and privacy policy. LePure encourages users to check relevant content regularly to know our latest policy.

Changes referred to this policy are include but not limited to the following situations:

(1) Significant changes have taken place in our service model.

(2) Significant changes have taken place in our control rights, etc. Such as changes of owners caused by mergers and acquisitions, etc.

(3) The main object of personal information sharing, transfer or public disclosure changes; Changes in the purpose of processing personal information, the types of personal information processed, the ways of using personal information, etc.

(4) Your right to participate in personal information processing and the way it is exercised have changed significantly.

(5) When the department responsible for handling personal information security, contact information and complaint channels change.

(6) When the personal information security impact assessment report indicates that there is a high risk.

(7) Other circumstances.

2. Contact us

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, or if you have any complaints or problems to contact the website data protection officer, please contact us by mailing 【】. The website will process your personal information in accordance with this policy, respond to your request, contact you, provide services to you, etc.